Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of questions (FAQ) that our clients often ask. If you cannot find the answer to a query you have, then please contact us here.

Obviously the size of website/app will affect this but most of the time is taken up with the design and implementation. The biggest wait (in our experience) is getting the content (and sometimes images) from our clients! Typically we allow 3-4 weeks for the process but if speed is important to you then we can usually turn things around in 7 – 10 days. 

That should never happen as we collaborate with you every step of the way to ensure that what we are doing matches (or exceeds) your expectations and needs. This open two-way communication keeps the project on track so its win-win.

We only want happy, satisfied customers so if in the end you just do not like the result, and we are unable to meet your needs, then we will refund any monies paid so that it costs you nothing. (Obviously you do not then get to keep the website/app). 

Yes, we have linked several sites that we have done here. Bear in mind that the design will be dependent on what you want and that we can pretty much cater for whatever taste in design that you may have. So you may want a fresh modern interactive site or a minimalist one, or a more business-like, professional app or a friendly, cheeky site. This choice is yours and we are always here to help you pick one if you need us to.

Yes, you can check out our testimonials page here. These are honest reviews about us from our happy customers.

This obviously depends on what and how much help you need from us. We have a prices page with some broadly indicative ideas of different costs. Have a look and then get in touch with us for a tailored quote for your business. Note that the quote is free and has no strings attached!

Any. What do you want? See some that we have produced already here.
We generally use the WordPress framework as it is used for over a quarter of all the websites on the Internet and is constantly improving. It also has a massive amount of themes that can be used, although we always tailor the look and feel of sites to the specific business anyway. We also have experience using Concrete5 and other popular frameworks and can even build you a site from scratch if you really want!

Neither did many of our clients when they first came to us! A major part of our time is spent researching what your business actually needs in order to grow. A lovely looking site with no traffic is no help to your business. We ensure that we put the correct things in place first so that you can expand your site as your business gets bigger. We also try not to use computer jargon so you understand what you should be doing to embrace the mobile era.

Why not jot down an idea of what you are thinking of and get in touch. We will then arrange a free meeting or chat to examine your ideas further.

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