progressive web apps

Is that the same as a mobile app?

Is a PWA an App or  a website?

We understand your confusion! Technology is moving at warp speed, especially when it comes to people using mobile devices now, to communicate with each other, and accessing the internet. 

Progressive Web Apps or PWAs are the latest breakthrough to give users the best experience possible, when using the internet from their tablet, laptop or mobile phones. They are also known as SPAs (Single Page Applications) as they reside on the users mobile rather than the website.

They give the benefits of a native mobile app and a website, but without the hassle and time of having to download a large app from the public app stores of Apple and Google. Users get a more native-app like experience which users say they consistently prefer in many survey that have been done .

Progressive Web Apps can also show as hyperlinks in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPS), so people can use them by just clicking the link. They are fast to start as well (not requiring initial downloading first like native apps). There are other benefits such as caching which enable app use even when there is no internet connectivity (offline mode). PWAs also allow users to receive Push Notifications which are a proven highly effective communication channel for your business to it’s client base. 

 Have a word with us and we can answer any questions you may have as to whether a PWA would be of benefit to your particular business.

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