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Thanks for visiting. The aim of our new website is to show people just how important it is nowadays to embrace the ‘Mobile Age’ (as if you didn’t already know that!).

When thinking of Digital Marketing, your website, increasing your business, etc, you need to be thinking Mobile First. That is our philosophy as more than 60% of users now use a mobile device(tablets and phones) to access the internet. So having a nice looking website on a 27 inch desktop computer that you squash down for a 4 inch phone does not cut the mustard. 

You need to ensure that your site looks good wherever it is viewed from. A poor user experience is the major reason why people quickly jump to another site as it is just a click away. Don’t encourage your users to do that on your site.

Have a look around our site and you will see the main services we can offer you. We briefly try to explain the differences between the many options you now have, when it comes to websites and/or apps (mobile apps, PWA, AMP, etc). If you want to move your business forward with mobile but are still unsure how to, then why not get in touch and have a chat with us?


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